Coach Mentoring

Remember! Coaching is Learning Twice..Train to better you ..Keep fit and Have fun..


Aiyenero School of Excellence (ASE) believes mentorship is not about cloning but rather the focus must be on developing the mentee.

The mentor is a facilitator who creates a safe, open environment in which the mentee can both learn and try things for themselves. Building trust and understanding are major part of the role with the mentor.

ASE Mentorship Provides:

  1. Guidance information and expand coaching knowledge.
  2. A fresh perspective, mentors see where we need to improve and where we often cannot.
  3. Support to stimulate our personal and professional growth.
  4. Encouragement and positive advice to foster motivation.
  5. Experience you can learn from to prevent repeating the same mistakes.
  6. Mentors are free which makes them priceless – in different many ways.

 Why Does Soccer Need Mentorship? 

  1. To improve the quality of coaches
  2. To increase the number of licensed coaches
  3. To improve the retention rates of players and coaches
  4. To improve the professionalism of coaching in our community

Don't Bury Your Failures, Let them inspire you